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Online Commmunications, Fundraising and Marketing

Finally, online communications tools are stable and solid enough to be rapidly developed, generally understood and effectively evaluated. A clearly thought out and well-implemented online communications and/or marketing campaign can bring people to you. Even better, online communications can get your constituents talking to each other.

Don't just create a website, create passion for your cause

We will work with you, your staff, your board, your neighbors and, lo, if needed, your dog, to develop, implement and evaluate email, web and other commmunications programs.

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'Offline' Communications and Recruitment

Frankly, online communications is cost-effective and can be fun but the rubber hits the road 'offline.' It is in the coffee-shops, meeting halls and backyards of America where people talk to each other about their community. Online communications can break the ice, deliver information and engage. But we want to help you build relationships in the here and now, not just in the ether of electrons and protons and all those other cyber gizmos.

With experience in membership recruitment, fundraising and campaigning, we know how all the pieces can work together. Don't just build a website. Build an empire!

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