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We mean that literally and figuratively. We focus on building standards-based sites that people can use. And by 'people' we don't necessarily mean 'the boss' (though we expect that he or she will like the site so we get paid). We mean the people that use it. And the people that you hope will be using it to learn about your cause, give you money, come to your events and that sort of thing.

A standards-based site doesn't mean boring. It means a site that works in all of today's browsers. It is a site accessible to all audiences and different technologies - from you swank new Mac G5 to the PocketPC your neighbor left on the train on the way home. Oops. We're not sure if web standards will save lives but it will save you money - now and later. Read a bit about it at webstandards.org if you'd like.

Usable? Our site is already usable.

Are you sure? How long does it take to load? How many folks go beyond the home page? Can people find what they are looking for? Does it make any sense? Is it easy to subscribe to your newsletter? Have you asked anyone these questions?

Who says?

Some of the folks that we have helped with web development include:
Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
Building Operator Certification Program of the Midwest
The Wilderness Society

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